May 1, 2019

Blogging from A-Z April Challenge: A summary

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As you may have seen from our last blog, we have come to the end of the Blogging from A-Z Challenge.

For those of you who would like to catch up or reread through the blogs again, make sure you visit our index, but stay here if you would like to read a short summary of the blogs, from A to Z!

A is for April Fools: Genealogy’s greatest hoaxes

 Genealogy isn’t fatal but it is a ‘grave’ disease. In this blog, we delve into the origins of April Fools’ Day (All Fools’ Day) and why we celebrate it in the western world. We also dip into some genealogical research myths and legends that many of you genies may have already or are to come across in future!

B is for Brick wall

Ah, the infamous brick wall, known worldwide for notoriously driving many genealogists up the wall (excuse the pun). This blog takes us through the reasons why we hit a brick wall, the types we happen to come across, where to begin if you do hit one and of course, where to turn to for advice (*hint* *hint*)!

C is for Candid


A collection of photographs we’ve put together, to get you in the mood for THE Show!

D is for DNA

Professional and Genetic genealogist, Researcher AND Historian, #ancestryhour’s Michelle Leonard of Genes & Genealogy takes us on an alpha helix shaped ride as she lists some of the reasons on why we should use DNA tests in our genealogical research.

E is for Exhibitor Spotlight: Shropshire Family History Society

It’s that time for the spotlight to shine and do what it does best! This time it’s all about Shropshire Family History Society! Read up on the history of the society, their usual activities and their presence at THE Show!

F is for Family

We’ve decided to take it up a notch by giving you two poems, both with different interpretations on family! If there’s anything they both have in common, it’s that family is indeed everything…

G is for Given Names in France


Genealogist Sophie Boudarel, takes us on a fun ride, giving us her tips and tricks on how to decipher French given names when researching French ancestry. It’s not easy, but it is a lot of fun!

H is for Heritage

John Boeren tells us all about his interpretation on cultural heritage and how it can influence those wanting to start or continue their genealogical research. He also delves into some of his experiences hosting ‘heritage trips’!

I is for Information

An A-Z list within the A-Z challenge) of our exhibitors.

J is for Jigsaw

Daniel Smith-Ramos, gives us some great anecdotes to describe trying to find that missing piece for your family history puzzle.

K is for Kirsty

Now this one is quite obvious, our Show Director Kirsty Gray, tells us how THE Genealogy Show first came together!

L is for Learn

Most of us love to learn, especially when it comes to genealogy! Lisa Louise Cooke of Genealogy Gems fame gives us her recommendations and advice on where the best places to learn are for your genealogical research.

M is for Monumental Inscriptions

Doreen Hopwood’s fascinating article is all about memorial inscriptions, and what these may mean to those who have long passed and their family.

N is for Netherlands

Yvette Hoitink prepares us for her talk ahead of THE Show and shares some beautiful photographs from the image collection of the National Archives of the Netherlands. A picture really does say a thousand words…Enjoy!

O is for Opportunity

Daniel Smith-Ramos tells us all about how YOU can get involved in a new, original experience at THE Show.

P is for Place Names

Pat Reynolds details how we can use Free UK Genealogy to help our genealogical research, particularly for researching place names.

Q is for Quiz

The title says it all! Test your knowledge in a quiz dedicated to THE Show speakers. This mini competition is now closed, and our winners have been selected, however, you can still quiz yourself just for fun!

R is for Records and Reliability

Professional genealogist and researcher for Cork Folklore Project David Ryan teaches us about the importance of records, and how we can use different sources as evidence to make conclusions in genealogical research.

S is for Speaker Spotlight: Jill Ball

The spotlight is back and this time it shines down on Jill Ball! Read up on how Jill first developed a passion for genealogy and more!

T is for Travel

Jill Ball talks about the travels family historians make to satisfy their geneappetites, the discoveries they make, including her own in T is for travel.

U is for Unfortunate

Genealogist Alison Spring gives us an insight into the Scottish Poor Law system and how this may have affected some of your Scottish ancestors.

V is for Vanity

We delve into past and present perceptions on what it is to be beautiful and what we consider to be ‘vain’.

W is for Wealth

For richer, for poorer, how did those terms come about? We dig up wealth’s past in this feature and ask what our current attitudes are in today’s society about the matter.

X is for X-DNA

The Legal Genealogist, Judy G. Russell teaches us about X-DNA and how we can use this to help us narrow down our cousin matches in certain lines of descent.

Y is for Young People

Janet Few lists the ways in which we can encourage young adults and children to research their ancestors. Take notes!

Z is for Zzzz

The end. Need we say more? Wrong! They will be no sleeping for the TGS team as there is lots of preparations to make before THE Show. We will be bringing you more info-packed blogs in the countdown to THE Show.

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