March 4, 2019

Exhibitor Spotlight: Sharon and Ian Hartas

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UK Military Family History (UKMFH) is a website that works alongside companion sites, UK Births, Marriages and Deaths (UKBMD) and UK Genealogy Directories and Lists (UKGDL). The websites are written by Sharon and Ian Hartas. The aim of UKMFH is to provide links to as many websites as possible which have online information and are extremely useful in military family history research.

How far are you travelling to reach the show?

Ian and Sharon: We are travelling from Shavington, South Cheshire, which is approx 65 miles each way.

What are you most looking forward to at the show?

Ian: Helping people to get the best out of the Local BMD websites along with UKBMD, UKGDL & UKMFH.

Sharon: Breaking down someone’s brick wall, or pointing them in a direction of research they hadn’t though about. Love to see the reactions.

What first sparked your interest in genealogy?

Ian: My rare surname, Hartas!

Sharon: Having a surname that is very common in one area, but not so much elsewhere, then marrying Ian and looking at the Hartas name too.

Why is genealogy important?

Ian: From a personal viewpoint it’s interesting. From a family and society viewpoint, it has the potential, e.g. via DNA, to assist in the identification and hence treatment of inherited diseases and other related issues.

Sharon: I think, for me, it’s important to see my heritage. Every step I take backwards, or sideways, brings up more questions. It’s a never ending hobby. It is important for me to get a glimpse into my ancestors lives and realise how easy we have life these days. Their struggles combine to make me who I am.

If people want to find out more about you, where can they do so?

Ian and Sharon: The About us on UKBMD/UKGDL/UKMFH gives a bit of information – but we love talking to people face to face, so come along to THE Show and say ‘Hi’.  For the Local BMD Project visit

Would you care to share a fun fact about yourself or something that no one else knows until now?

Ian: No, not really!

Sharon:  I always have a least one song going round in my head. It could be a nursery rhyme, a pop song, a hit from the 40’s, a heavy metal song, quite often a Disney song, or really anything with a tune!

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