April 6, 2019

F is for Family

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In today’s blog, we have two poems, with different views of what family means. We hope you enjoy them!

Family is home

Family is home

We say a house makes a home

But home to some is wherever you are free to roam


Siblings and wedding rings

You’re bound, not forever, but at least you’re together


It’s that unconditional love, birds of a feather

It’s real, it’s enough


There may be fights, at times it’s war, and it can cut so deep

It can make you raw


It’s who you are and genes don’t lie

Our identities connect us and at times we have no idea why


Family is everything

Family is us


Family is you and me

Family is we


Family is home

Real Family

Real Family

We say family is putting Kin over materialistic things

Family is having those people that can forgive your sins, let you be you, and support your wins


But remember that family isn’t all those things

We say blood is thicker than water


But sometimes blood equals disaster

It’s letting those you trust in


Letting go of all the negativity that makes you thin

Family is about bonding


And yes, you may like connecting those lines in your family tree


But you can’t do that without loving and creating your own memories, can we?

What does family mean to you?

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