May 31, 2019

THE Show: How YOU can help US

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It’s one week to go until THE Show! (SQUEAL!!) We’re definitely counting down now…

As we have addressed what you can expect AT THE Show. Here’s how you can help US at THE Genealogy Show. 

Taking lots (and lots!) of pictures


Please don’t be shy! We want you to be as comfortable as possible whilst you’re attending THE Show, so please take as many pictures as your heart desires!

The brick wall bond


Here’s a way you can all help each other…

Anyone with a ‘brick wall’ case, who is searching for someone or looking for specific information, can write down their genealogical conundrums, qualms, queries and contact details on a card, which they can then attach to our custom-built notice boards. During THE Show, any passer-by who specialises in the same research area, or who simply wants to take up a new genealogical challenge, can either jot down details or take a photo of the card and try to work out the other participant’s family history mystery, contact them, and hopefully establish a lifelong genealogical bond – thus taking networking at THE Genealogy Show to a whole new level

Share your story


As you are well aware, we’re massive fans of social media. It would be much appreciated if you could share your pictures or any other content relating to THE Genealogy Show with the hashtag #THEGenShow2019.

We will, of course, be updating you regularly over the 7 and 8 of June with all things TGS on our Twitter and Facebook pages.

Last but not least…


Enjoy yourself! That’s how you can best help us. If you’re happy, so are we!

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