May 6, 2019

It’s all about Living DNA

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DNA testing is a growing part of modern day genealogy research and can be an important part of learning about your ancestors.

A DNA test can tell you so much about your ethnicity and can even connect you with your distant cousins.

As more and more people take a DNA test,  a world of opportunities to make a connection with others may open up and you could learn even more about your roots from communicating with your matches.

Living DNA are a sponsor of THE Genealogy Show and offer the opportunity to:

“See your world differently – With a simple cheek swab we will reveal your ancestry from around the world, providing exceptional regional detail.”

Who are Living DNA?

“Living DNA is a collaboration of over 100 world-leading scientists, academic researchers and genetic experts from across the globe with the purpose of bringing cutting edge DNA technology to the world.

The team is led by DNA Worldwide Group, a leading DNA testing firm. The company is run by David Nicholson and Hannah Morden-Nicholson who saw an opportunity to show humanity that we are all made up of all of us, dissolving the concept of race through Ancestry DNA testing. It was launched in 2016 after two years of intensive development but its parent company DNA Worldwide Group has been operating since 2004.”

What can you discover?

“Using your DNA we can show you your recent family ancestry, covering up to 15 generations, and your deep ancestry with Motherline and Fatherline (if male) results.

“Discover who you are related to around the world. We can predict how you are related to direct matches and take you back up to 13 degrees to connect you with matches who you share no DNA with today.”

Is it confidential and secure?

“At Living DNA we take the job of looking after your data very seriously. We’re committed to your privacy and security at all times. You are always in control of your information and how it is used, we never share your data (including your DNA) with third parties without your prior consent. You can also ask to delete your data whenever you like.”

Where can I find out more?

In the meantime you can visit Living DNA’s  comprehensive website and for all their latest updates be sure to view the news page.

For advice and answers to your questions, plus the opportunity to purchase DNA kits, make sure you stop by and see the Living DNA Team at THE Genealogy Show.


DNA testing for genealogy is always evolving and improving and as time goes by this should see more refined results.

However, if you don’t get the results you were hoping for straight away, don’t be disheartened. You may need to just give it some time.

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