July 31, 2019

The Military: Family is Family

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Blog post number two of The Military theme and for today’s post we have a poem which gives an insight into Military life. Read on!



Family is family, whether it’s blood or water

Whether you like it or not

Family is family, where brothers are bound

Tank tops, transparency and chin-strapped banter in barracks is how it’s found

Rewards not sought, fear and discipline taught

A pat on the back and a gleaming gold object well in tact

Years away, at night and day

Marking – time hours long and the work not quite ever complete

Civvy’s faces missed and beyond the man-made mist

The faces come to know well, fall

To serve is to respect, remember the veteran who does his best

What was once new and neat, can also be broken, made ‘weak’

Family is family, and will always be so

Sir, yes sir, is the mantra you know

Family is family

History makes it so

Family is family, because love is not without loss

And that’s all that some have come to know

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