January 26, 2019

NSW: Writing, Research and Huguenots – Gill Blanchard

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Today marks the start of National Storytelling Week!

This Saturday, the spotlight shines on Gill Blanchard. So, without further ado…

When did you first become interested in writing?

I’ve been interested in writing as long as I can remember. My earliest career ambition was to be a journalist. I grew up with folk music, going to clubs and festivals, so I was surrounded by storytelling in all sorts of forms.

Why is writing important to you?

I write biographies and local histories as well as family histories and the history of houses I investigate. Writing is important to me because it is a medium for sharing stories from the past that people might not otherwise know about and, shining a light on society at the time. The best stories are the real ones!

 What are you most looking forward to at THE Show?

I’m looking forward to hearing some speakers I haven’t heard before, visiting all the stands and generally networking and learning new things.

What first sparked your interest in genealogy and family history?

My interest in genealogy and family history was sparked generally by family stories I heard growing up, but specifically by meeting some Australian relatives on my mother’s side when I was a teenager who were researching our shared Irish ancestry.

Do you have any upcoming plans?

Apart from continuing to run ‘writing your family history‘ courses and my professional family and house history research business, my personal writing plans are to finish the next three books I have lined up with publishers. I’m particularly looking forward to doing some more research on two sisters from a Huguenot background.

Huguenots: This name was given to the French Protestants who held to the Reformed tradition of Protestantism in the 16th Century.

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  1. Tracey B
    28th January 2019 at 5:59 am

    I’ve recently discovered that my partner has Huguenot background which came at around the same time his Ancestry DNA updeated showing French heritage rather than just Western European. Two of his family lines (who married in the early 1800’s) were both of Huguenot heritage. Is there any particular sites that are particularly more helpful in researching Huguenot family history?

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