April 19, 2019

Q is for Quiz

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It’s time to test your knowledge in today’s blog. How well do you know the speakers at THE Show? If you’ve been keeping up with all our blog posts, then this should be a breeze!


You have until the end of Friday 19 April (5pm) to submit your answers to info@thegenealogyshow.uk. The winners will be revealed on Tuesday 23 April who will receive a mystery prize!

Please note: the winners for this quiz have been chosen and this mini competition is now closed.

  1. What are the five words that Kirsty Gray has used to describe herself in the K for Kirsty blog?

Keen, Industrious, Resourceful, Spirited, Tenacious, Your Show Director

2. What two books had inspired Sylvia Valentine to ‘research her family history’?

How To Trace Your Ancestors by Meda Mander, 1976 and Discovering your family history by Don Steele, 1979

3. Why is genealogy and family history important to Lianne Kruger?

Lianne loves problem-solving and teaching others how to use technology in genealogical research organisation and storage…her guilty pleasure! 

4. Mags Gaulden is also known as…..?

Grandma’s Genes

5. What is the title of Nathan Dylan Goodwin’s latest book?

The Asylum

6. How far is Robert Parker travelling to THE Show?

Over 75 miles from St Neots, Cambridgeshire

7. What are the names of the two talks Blaine T. Bettinger will be presenting?

Embracing a new era of genealogy (Friday 7 June) and The future of genealogy (Saturday 8 June)

8. What is the name of John Boeren’s genealogy business?


9. Apart from her Genes & Genealogy business, what does Michelle Leonard specialise in?

DNA Detective work (DNA testing) solving adoption

10. What is David Ryan’s profession and where is he based?

Researcher with Cork Folklore Project in Cork, Ireland

11. What language is Valerie Elkins fluent in?


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