Daniel Smith-Ramos

Carrying out Research in Spain

As well as a broad factual explanation about genealogical research in Spain, my presentation will combine first-hand accounts about my own experiences as a genealogist and trying to overcome typical brick-walls when looking for one’s Spanish ancestry.


Daniel Smith-Ramos is of very mixed background, being Spanish on his maternal side and English and Italian-American on his father’s side. Through The Genealogy Corner and its Spanish subsidiary edition El Rincón de la Genealogía, Daniel offers free services to anyone researching their family history in Spain. Thanks to his knowledge and expertise, over the past decade Daniel has helped many people around the world – from third-generation Spanish-Americans seeking information about their forefathers in the Old Continent, to Britons whose retired parents passed away on the sunny shores of Spain’s Mediterranean coast. This is Daniel’s second presentation, having also delivered a keynote speech on genetic genealogy for the Circle of Genealogy and Heraldry of the European Union in Brussels. Daniel has published articles in Who Do You Think You Are? magazine and in the Malvern Family History Society’s journal Tree Tappers.

Website: https://thegenealogycorner.wordpress.com