Doreen Hopwood

Where did they come from – and where did they go?  Migration sources for family historians

Our ancestors were more migratory than we think – over both short and long distances. This presentation will explore the reasons why they moved and the mechanics of their migration. Whether your ancestors chose to migrate or had the decision made for them, this presentation will explain the many sources available to follow your ancestor’s movements within the United Kingdom and beyond.


Doreen Hopwood was the Genealogist for the City of Birmingham for over twenty years and has been carrying out family history research since the 1970s.  She has taught family, community and social history at all levels from absolute beginners to post-graduate and is now an Honorary Research Assistant at the University of Birmingham. She has been a regular contributor to family history publications and answered reader’s questions on all manner of genealogical topics, as well as giving talks and lectures.  Her current research interests include the typographer John Baskerville and James Watt, whose bicentenary takes place in 2019.