John Boeren

How to start your research in the Netherlands

Many have ancestors of Dutch origin. If you want to find your Dutch ancestors, you need to know how and where to search for their names. In this lecture you hear about the development of Dutch family names, the elements of a person’s name and the use of patronymics. This lecture also gives you an overview of the most important records and websites for genealogy in the Netherlands and teaches you how to search for Dutch names in genealogical databases.


John Boeren is a genealogy professional in the Netherlands with 30 years of experience. His genealogy business is called ‘Antecedentia.’ Services include genealogy and probate research, transcriptions and translations of documents, heritage trips, advice and mentoring, lectures and courses.
He is a member of several national and international genealogical societies, a board member of the International Society for Family History Writers and Editors and former vice-president of the Dutch Genealogical Society.
The In-Depth Genealogist, MyHeritage in the Netherlands and Family Tree Magazine (UK) have published his articles or guest blogs. He is the author of Legacy’s QuickGuide on Dutch genealogy. Find out more at: