Phil Tomaselli

Military Records for Family Historians

Military records are probably the largest surviving and oldest set of records that mention individuals by name and allow you to trace information on them, but they’re not the Holy Grail and many family historians are disappointed about what they find when they look at them and aren’t sure why they were created and how to interpret them.  Even though many are on line, even more aren’t, and this illustrated talk will give examples of where to find them, what to expect when you do and how to use them, including some hints on how to work round problems and get the most from them.


Phil Tomaselli had been researching the British Army since he was at school (a long time ago) and in recent years has written guides to finding out about it (and the other armed forces) for Pen & Sword, as well as several other books.  He’s also written for a number of family history and history magazines on military matters and currently offers advice on them for readers of Who Do You Think You Are magazine.  He’s a regular speaker for The Western Front Association.