April 22, 2019

Speaker Spotlight: Jill Ball

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How far are you travelling to reach the show?

I will be travelling further than any of the other speakers at THE Genealogy Show. As the crow flies, the distance from my home on the shores of Lake Macquarie in New South Wales to the NEC is 16,969km. One doesn’t travel that far just for one event. Prior to the Show my husband and I will be visiting the Chelsea Flower Show and tootling around the English countryside. After the show we’ll be cruising the Mediterranean for a couple of weeks.

What are you most looking forward to at the show?

I love meeting new people, learning about genealogy and sharing my enthusiasm for genealogy ‘downunder’.

Attendance at THE Show provides me with an opportunity to fulfil these desires. I look forward to meeting in person a host of genimates from the UK and Europe. THE Show programme gives me an opportunity to learn from speakers who will probably never venture south to Australia, I am most excited about hearing from speakers like Blaine Bettinger, Jonny Perl and Janet Few.

I am thrilled that I have an opportunity to take to the stage with friends Kirsty Gray and DearMYRTLE and again with Kirsty Gray and online genimate Janet Few.

I am honoured to be representing downunder as a speaker at THE Show, many attendees will have cousins in Australia and I know that my talk Lost Cousins Downunder‘ will provide them with background information and resources to find those ancestors who left their home countries in Britain and Europe for Australia in the 19th and 20th centuries.

I love telling my ancestors’ stories and writing on family history topics but I don’t think I have the stamina to write a whole book. The blogging platform is a wonderful way for family historians to write their family stories in small bites. I am excited that I can share my enthusiasm for blogging at the Show in my talk ‘Genealogy Blogs for You where attendees will learn how easy it is to share via the internet stories that will also act as Cousin Bait.

What first sparked your interest in genealogy/family history?

I have always attributed this to the bicentenary year in Australia in 1988 when the celebrations placed a great emphasis on our nation’s history. Looking back I realise it was also the year my maternal grandmother died. On reflection I realise that those two events influenced me to start thinking about my personal history. What began as an interest, moved to a hobby, became a passion and now is an obsession.

Why is genealogy/family history important to you?

I am a combination of my ancestors’ DNA. It is important that I know their stories, so I research, record and preserve them for future generations. I love solving mysteries and enjoy analysing data, family history gives me an outlet for these interests.

If people want to find out more about you, where can they do so? 

I am known in the family history world as GeniAus (A Genealogist from Australia) so a search for GeniAus on Google will find several mentions of me.

You can meet my ancestors at my family site, GeniAus.

I am a geneablogger who maintains several blogs. The GeniAus blog, is where I share news and views and family stories. CurryAus, records the progress of my surname study and the Geneadictionary, is a lighthearted look at the language of genealogy.

My GeniAus Facebook page, is my vehicle for sharing current news and views with my Australian genimates.

I am on Twitter, and also can be contacted by email!

Would you care to share a fun fact about yourself or something that no one else knows until now?

Like many genealogists I am a hoarder and have a few collections. One collection that people don’t know about is my pen collection. Many of my friends know that Mr GeniAus and I indulge in a lot of travel but they do not know that for about forty years I have been collecting pens from all the hotels in which we have stayed.

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