THE Genealogy Show Team have been over whelmed by the positivity and support following TGS 2019 and are now looking to build an even better show for 2020!


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Below you will find a selection of comments received:


“This is THE people’s SHOW”DearMYRTLE


“The fact that #THEGenealogyShow was put together by a group of genealogists proves they know what we want as show attendees.”  – Jennie Fairs


“Had a lovely time, signed up to the guild of name studies, spoke to a number of very helpful family societies confirmed my Grandfather’s army number and which by which name he enlisted , got some fantastic advice from two ladies with a out starting out on some family history in Belgium, great talk with Blaine Bettinger and lastly meeting up with likeminded folks. Can I also say as a Mobility scooter user that found the show and the talks extremely accessible- thank you for that. Looking forward to next year”Anita Moore


“We enjoyed it immensely – it’s a family thing ❤️👏🏻 We’re already yearning for the next gathering of the forces” Robert J. Bristow


“My mum bought me this as a gift for Christmas. Best Christmas present ever”Attendee


“Roll on for next years show” Jackie Shubert


“It has been a wonderful 2 days! So proud of my daughter and new apprentice, who helped on the stand today. I’m a truly blessed lady.” Claudia D’Souza – The Photo Alchemist


“The familiar atmosphere, the fact it was not the typical event dominated by the usual big names.” – Daniel Smith-Ramos


“I thoroughly enjoyed the show. It is not the biggest I’ve been to but has the potential. The lectures I attended were VERY useful for my research. But the main thing that made it so good was that you were all so friendly , it was a pleasure to meet you all. Thank you.”  – Attendee


“THANKYOU x it was brilliant.” – Attendee


” Thank you so much for organising this. After WDYTYAL stopped, I lost touch with several British, Irish, and Australian genealogy friends. It was great to reconnect and make new ones! My compliments to Kirsty Gray and the whole team of board members and volunteers for making it so special.”   – Yvette Hoitink


Personal Wizard Consultations – “Thank you guys. Walked in a was given an appointment to see chap in middle. He was very helpful.”  Attendee


Reunion Place noticeboard – “What a great way to connect researchers!”  Attendee


“The Board deserves all the kudos for putting on a superbly fun, exciting, knowledgeable and friendly event – 2020 will be just as good” Jennie Fairs


I had a goal since being booked to speak at The Genealogy Show; to deliver the talk. Following a battle with cancer over 8 months I was now in a wheelchair and missing my right leg. Could I still deliver genealogy talks? I attended the event and delivered! My talk : Starting your family history in the digital age went very well. Lots of note taking by the audience and interest.” Robert Parker


“Networking and seeing old and new friends, plus feeling like I had the space and time to talk to exhibitors. And some great talks.” – Jonny Perl


“The enclosed presentation theatres kept down the noise level in each talk. Show staff were easily visible if needed. There were a good variety of talks on offer.” – Alison Spring


“International vibe, friendly atmosphere.” – Janet Few


“Back home ready to put things learnt at the first The Genealogy Show into action. Thank you so much for everyone who made this a hugely enjoyable occasion.” – Attendee